Art Heist
Season 1, Episode 15
Air date September 29, 1983
July 11, 1985 (UK)
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"Art Heist" is the 15th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget, Penny, and Brain visit the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, where the police inspector is on assignment to prevent the theft of the museum's inventory. At closing time, Gadget sends Penny and Brain on their way (or so he thinks) and intends to spend the night in the museum to protect the artwork.

Meanwhile, two of Claw's goons have backed a tractor trailer up to the rear of the museum, and get ready to do some dirty work. Claw next activates two enormous "living statues" ― menacing robots who first let the two M.A.D. agents inside before trying to destroy Gadget. But a chandelier dropped by Brain manages to put the mechanical monsters out of commission before they can harm his owner.

While Gadget continues to meander aimlessly around the upper floors of the museum, downstairs the two M.A.D. agents have begun their task: To replace all of the artwork with worthless reproductions. Penny no sooner uncovers their scheme before she's captured. Soon, Gadget stumbles upon the M.A.D. agents himself, but once they convince him they're secret police, Gadget himself lends a hand, secure in the knowledge that he's helping to protect the collection.

Once the truck is loaded with all of the valuable artwork, the M.A.D. agents head to the Statue of Liberty to rendezvous with Dr. Claw. Thinking his "colleagues" have forgotten a valuable piece of artwork (Brain in disguise), Gadget loyally pursues them to hand over the forgotten "sculpture". Gadget finally catches up to the agents at the statue where he inadvertently captures them, Brain sets Penny free, and the artwork is saved from Claw's clutches.

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Art Heist (Full Episode)

Art Heist (Full Episode)