Birds of a Feather
Season 1, Episode 61
Air date December 2, 1983
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Birds of a Feather is the 61st episode of Inspector Gadget.


In Turkey, M.A.D. agent Icarus Finch, Esq. plans to use his birds to steal a very valuable sapphire, the Star of Istanbul, from a museum exhibition.


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Breaker, the condor, is capable of lifting great weights with his talons. However, in real life, condors and vultures cannot do this because, as scavengers, they have talons that are not designed for lifting and carrying. The Andean condor can, however, carry 9 pounds of meat with its beak.

Penny notes that as an Andean condor, Breaker is a long way from home. Fast Eddie is as well, since, being a sword-billed hummingbird, he is also from South America. Killer is a peregrine falcon and Blackie is a raven.