Gadget Stub"Inspector Gadget is always on duty!"
Brenda Bradford
Brenda Bradford
AKA Dr. Brenda Bradford
Dr. Bradford
Occupation N / A
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Riverton, Ohio
Portrayed By Joely Fisher

Brenda Bradford is the deuteragonist of Inspector Gadget. She is Gadget's 1st love interest, Artemus' daughter, and a brilliant scientist in Cyborg technology, alongside her late father. She at first just views Gadget as another guy, but then she starts to fall for him.

With her knowledge of technology, Brenda created Gadget as the first Cyborg Police Inspector for the Riverton Police Department. She and Gadget became a couple at the end of the first film but ended their relationship before the beginning of the 2nd film with G2 becoming his new love interest.

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