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"Bye Bye Business" is the 5th episode of the second season of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


After suffering a serious attack of stress induced pimples, Colonel Nozzaire decides to take his therapist's advice and keep Gadget as far away as possible with make work missions. So he sends Gadget to Hong Kong (the first place he thinks of) to buy office supplies for W.O.M.P.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, control of the Banan business empire has just passed to Amanda Banan as a graduation present from her father. Amanda's being targated by Claw, who wants control of the corporation and thinks that she'll be easier to crack than her father. M.A.D. agents are sent in to infiltrate the headquarters of Banan Communications and take over the top two floors ― which is how Amanda finds herself on the roof tie to a satellite dish with the choice of signing control of the company over to M.A.D. or being roasted by a high power transmission that's due at noon.

Thanks to one of his usual mix-ups, Gadget is wandering through the building convinced that it's a stationary supplies warehouse. He now has to save Amanda and figure out if anything's wrong.