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Colonel Jacques Nozzaire
Colonel Nozzaire.png
AKA Colonel Nozzaire
Occupation Member of W.O.M.P.
Gadget's boss
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Alfonse Nozzaire (father)
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Portrayed By Colin Murdock

Colonel Jacques Nozzaire is the secondary tritagonist of Gadget and the Gadgetinis. He is Gadget's boss and another member of W.O.M.P. who cannot stand him.


Col. Nozzaire always gives Gadget his assignments. He tries to go on missions himself, but the General has Gadget go instead. Usually at the end of the episode, Nozzaire gets tortured, usually due to Gadget's stupidity and incompetence.


Nozzaire is a pompous jerk. He despises Gadget, as he repeatedly annoys him, wrecks his office and puts him in mortal danger, but he doesn't enjoy seeing Gadget hurt himself.


Nozzaire is big and muscular. He wears a French uniform and has a pencil stache. 


  • In "Wrestle in Peace", Nozzaire dreams that Gadget has died and he secretly celebrates while Penny cries her eyes out. This shows that he hates Gadget enough to wish him to be dead.