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Commander MADhail
Commander MADhail.png
AKA ...
Occupation M.A.D. Agent

Chief astronaut

Gender Male
Race Unknown
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location The Multinational Space Station (Earlier)
Portrayed By Cory Doran
"Foolish inspector..."
―Commander MADhail

Commander MADhail is a M.A.D. agent, appeared only in "Game over, man" (2015 series)


MADhail is a broad-shouldered man with bobbed brown hair and blue eyes. He wears an orange astronaut costume. Perhaps, he has a russian accent.


MADhail is secretive and quiet and does not speak unnecessarily. But at the same time, he looks in the back of enemies with a suspicious evil grin and fingering, studying them, and pondering a plan for how to get rid of them. After he will pretend that nothing has happened. He taunts Gadget's stupidity.  

MADhail follows Dr.Claw`s plan calmly and works well with Talon.

Skills and weapon

Since he is an astronaut, he moves well in zero gravity. But it is not known exactly what skills MADhail has, but apparently, he is training the shark.


MADhail helps Dr.Claw carry out his space scheme, trying to get rid of Inspector Gadget. After failing, he escapes with Talon.