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Corporal Capeman
Corporal Capeman.jpg
AKA Capey
Occupation Inspector Gadget's sidekick
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
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Location Metro City
Portrayed By Townsend Coleman

Corporal Capeman, voiced by Townsend Coleman, is a recurring character introduced in the second season as Inspector Gadget’s sidekick.


Inspector Gadget

Capeman first met Inspector Gadget when the bionic detective was assigned to thwart an attempt by M.A.D. to steal gold. Capeman accidentally helps Gadget arrest the M.A.D. agents, but the agent in charge escapes. Dr. Claw later scolds The Ninja for not getting rid of Gadget. The Ninja goes to terminate Gadget in his sleep, only to be beaten by the gadgets in the Gadget House.

Corporal Capeman is despised among the Inspector Gadget fandom because of his idiocy and that he's mean to Brain. 

He appears in the episodes; The Capeman Cometh, Crashcourse in Crime, Gadget's Gadgets, Gadget in Minimadness, The Incredible Shrinking Gadget, Gadget Meets the Grappler, Focus on Gadget, M.A.D. in the Moon, and Gadget and the Red Rose


Capeman is fat, has buck teeth, freckles, and pink square glasses. His attire consists of a blue and red super suit and white gloves. 


Capeman is a self-proclaimed superhero who acts in the manner of a stereotypical crime fighter, but he is equally as stupid as Gadget, if not moreso. Capeman is obsessed with learning to fly and often mistakenly believes he has miraculously acquired the power of flight while in the midst of dire circumstances. Penny nicknames Capeman "Capey".

A running gag has Gadget mispronounce Capeman's name as "Capman". Corporal Capeman has a mutual dislike for Brain. Brain hates Capeman for being cruel to him, and Capeman's hostility towards Brain may stem from the dog kicking him for no reason during their first meeting, although Brain was helping him get his bike out of the bush.