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Corsetta Camisole
Corsetta Camisole.png
AKA Old lady (by Penny)
Occupation M.A.D. Agent

TV presenter

Gender Female
Race Probably french
Status Unknown
Family Unknown
Location Paris
Portrayed By Alyson Court
"She uses her purse as a weapon? Who does that?"
"Ah, the Auto-Floppy Restraint Hat, unbreakable poly-fiber ribbons, auto-camouflage unattractive spray. Oh, that Corsetta Camisole is good...
Penny and Professor Von Slickstein
"Strike a pose, Inspector Gadget!"
―Corsetta Camisole

Corsetta Camisole is the antagonist of the episode "Strike a pose" (2015 series) and M.A.D.`s most fashion agent.


Corsetta is a slender lady with red hair, tied in a bun, and green eyes. She always carries various accessories and cosmetics with her, wears pink dress, yellow jacket with sand-colored spots and shoes with heels.


Corsetta is always ready to make her missions fashionable. Decent appearance is very important to her and she will find time to put on makeup everywhere. This lady doesn't like it when something takes up her precious time. In those moments, she will be ready to use all her fashionable weapons. She gets very annoyed when things don't go according to her plan. She definitely enjoys taunting and criticizing others.

Skills and weapon

She is called a master of disguise in the show (actually, there hasn't been a single time, though, when she actually uses new outfits to blend in with the crowd and go unnoticed). She makes each of her weapons fashionable, so all her techniques and traps are hidden in her accessories. She hid the lasers in her purse, her phone in the mirror, and she ends up using a lipstick-shaped flare gun.


Corsetta Camisole first appears in the episode "Strike a pose" with a mission to steal Professor Von Slickstein`s invention. However, after she changes her plan and decides to steal the professor himself, but Inspector Gadget spoiled her plan.


  • The episode with her participation is the only one where Talon is absent.
  • She actually wears a wig.
  • Corsetta has sympathy for Dr. MADtana Dan.
  • Her name is a play on corset (a undergarment piece functioning as a rigid tube top for shaping a woman's bust, midriff and waist) and camisole (another innerwear piece worn by women commonly as sleepwear).