Don't Call Me Gadget
Season 1, Episode 1
GATG DontCallMeGadget
Written by Jean Chalopin
Directed by Andy Heyward
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"Don't Call Me Gadget" is the 1st episode of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


Nozzaire is captured by aliens who think he's Gadget. They do tests to see if he's Gadget, which he fails. Gadget tries to find him, but when he finds the aliens, he doesn't realize who they are. When the aliens trick Gadget onto boarding their ship, they find out that they have a deal with Claw that they'll exchange Gadget for the moon. One of Claw's agents tells them that Gadget is really dangerous, so the aliens put a device on Gadget that will reverse his brain waves. Thinking that he's really smart, but acting stupid, they put it on him. Gadget ends up being really smart and saves the day by stopping Claw and telling the aliens that no one owns the moon, so they can live there if they want.

List of Gadgets(first appearance)

  • Water hose : A mechanical hand appears from his hat with a water hose
  • Copter : Chopper blades appears from his hat and start turning. Include a helmet
  • Razor: A mechanical hand appears from his hat with a electric razor. Include a miror.
  • Tea: A mechanical hand appears from his hat with a cup of tea. Include milk that come from his left ear.
  • Search light: A huge projector appears from his hat.
  • Laser: A laser comes from his left index finger. Can also appear from his hat.
  • Detention procedure: A electrical net pops from his left arm.
  • Defense procedure: A huge amount of missiles appears and are launched.
  • Net: A mechanical hand holding a butterfly net appears from his hat


  • This is one of the rare instances in which Gadget is competent. 
  • First appearance of Colonel Nozzaire, General Sir, and Fidget and Digit
  • The Gadgetinis don't go with Gadget on his mission at all.