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MADtana Dan
MADtana Dan.png
AKA Dr. Dan (by Gadget)
Occupation M.A.D. agent

Traveler Archeologist

Gender Male
Race Unknown
Status Unknown
Family Unknown
Location Unknown
Portrayed By Scott McCord

"You will have your diamonds. So says MADtana Dan."
―MADtana Dan
"I can`t believe I`m talking to the world`s most amazing evil spy!"

Dr. MADtana Dan is the M.A.D. agent (2015 series), appeared as antagonist only in "Diamonds are MAD`s best friends".


MADtana Dan is a tall thin man with a perfect face, which drives a lot of women crazy. His hair and mustache are gray and his eyes are gray. He wears a cowboy hat, a sand-colored shirt, a purple jacket, and bog-colored pants with a belt.


Being loved by the public is a real pleasure for MADtana Dan. This made him narcissistic and overconfident. He loves to talk about his fame and exploits, adores his activities as a traveler and archaeologist. MADtana considers himself to be such an important person that he speaks of himself in the third person. He doesn't seem to be very fond of annoying teen fans like Talon.

Skills and weapon

MADtana Dan seems to be a professional ostrich rider.


MADtana Dan obeys Doctor Claw's orders to steal the world's largest diamond from an ancient city buried in the desert. He meets Inspector Gadget and Penny and then tries to outsmart them by offering to provide "help" in the search for the diamond. But when Dr. Dan finds what he needs, he immediately admits that he works for M.A.D. Gadget thinks MADtana falls ill and just considers himself a M.A.D. agent. Inspector tries to catch him and accidentally provokes the collapse of the city, from which he gets out with Penny and Brain and accidentally runs into MADtana, who has escaped on his own.


  • In the episode with his participation Gadget did not try to capture Brain, mistaking him for the M.A.D. agent.
  • MADtana Dan is clearly a parody of Indiana Jones.
  • MADtana`s eye patch is fake. His eyes are okay.
  • Talon is very fan of MADtana Dan.
  • The poster to Talon's left most likely shows Corsetta Camisole, who is either MADtana`s assistant, who travels with him.