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Fidget and Digit
Gadget and the Gadgetinis Inspector Gadget cartoon fan art UPi8Vy5QFM.jpg
AKA The Gadgetinis
Occupation Gadget's sidekicks
Gender Male
Race Robot
Status Alive
Family Penny (sort of mother)
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Portrayed By Maurice LaMarche

Fidget and Digit (or The Gadgetinis) are characters from Gadget and the Gadgetinis. They are two small robots that were created by Penny and are Lt. Gadget's sidekicks.


Fidget and Digit frequently aid Gadget on his missions and each have their own arsenal of hidden gadgets and devices, including video communicators in their chest-pieces. They're given secret help from Penny, and often suffer various injuries while following their duty. 



Fidget is the most easily spooked of the pair and is colored orange. He usually does things that robots can't do such as sneeze or feel pain, which Digit usually questions. He's also shown to be a bit more sensitive than Digit.


Digit is the more literal minded of the duo and is colored navy blue. He usually corrects Fidget about being a robot and not a human when he does things that robots can't do, and is often sarcastic. He can also be hypocritcal in most cases, but he does show to care about Fidget.


The Gadgetinis look just like mini versions of Gadget, except Fidget is orange and Digit is navy blue. Also judging their behavior to each other, it is possible that Digit is the eldest of the duo and Fidget, the youngest. 


  • According to a teaser poster on the DiC website, there were going to be more Gadgetinis, but that was dropped. 
  • They were created because Brain was retired from active duty, as shown in "No Brainer".