"Stop this felonious and unlawful act or I shall have to use force."-G2

AKA Gadget Model 2
Occupation Detective
Gender Female
Race Human-Cyborg
Status Alive
Family Gadget (boyfriend)
Location Riverton, Ohio
Portrayed By Elaine Hendrix

Gadget Model 2, better known as G2 for short, is the deuteragonist of Inspector Gadget 2. She is Inspector Gadget's upgraded female counterpart whose gadgets and investigation procedures, unlike Gadget's, work flawlessly in contrast to the original as his usually malfunction.

Not troubled like the older model, G2 appears to be an emotionless, unstoppable opponent of evil and constantly reject Gadget since she prefers to work alone.


G2 originally worked as a robot model replacement for Gadget while he had his glitches. Gadget tried to show her they can "work alone together", but G2 didn't approve of it.

At the end of the film, after Gadget reactivates G2, they work together with Brain to save Penny from Claw.

When the final battle ends, Chief Quimby and Mayor Wilson award the team for their heroism and Quimby decides to continue the Gadget Program to form an army of Gadget Models to improve strength of capturing Claw should he return. Quimby is also ordered to have Gadget and G2 on the case together for their heroism and their hats malfunction with beeping hearts, which makes them kiss and Gadget shoot fireworks out of his hat. However, as one of the fireworks explodes near Chief Quimby and the mayor, they both yell out Gadget's name in anger, implying he is now in trouble again.


G2 probably has all of Gadget's gadgets, along with some special abilities (like detaching body parts). She also has a boomerang gun, net launchers, and wrapping paper on a flying object.


At first, she is a robot incapable of emotions, but later, she gains a more human one. She is also kind, determined, brave, and faithful.


G2 has reddish-brown hair in a ponytail and she has blue eyes. She wears a blue policewoman hat with a uniform and blue boots, which is part of her body as well.


  • G2's clothes appear to be a part of her body.
  • Although she is a robot, she can express human-like emotions.
  • Super Gadget Girl, a guest character from Gadget and the Gadgetinis was most likely based off of her.