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Gadget Boy & Heather, also known as Gadget Boy, is a series that aired from September 10, 1995 to July 4, 1998.

The series revolved around the adventures of a young bionic detective named Gadget Boy. The first season of the show was called Gadget Boy & Heather, while the second season was called Gadget Boy's Adventures in History.

Voice cast

  • Gadget Boy ― Voiced by Don Adams and later, Maurice LaMarche. He is the titular protagonist who is a child cyborg programmed with the personality of an adult detective. He works for Interpol, but is incompetent, clumsy, and gullible.
  • Agent Heather ― Voiced by Tara Strong. She is the titular deuteragonist and an Interpol agent. In Irish blood, she serves as the nanny, caretaker, guide, and friend to Gadget Boy.
  • G-9 ― He is the tritagonist who is Gadget Boy's robotic canine companion. G-9 can transform into anything Gadget Boy and his friends need.
  • Myron Dabble ― Voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He is an eccentric inventor with a Swiss accent who invented Gadget Boy and G-9. In each episode, he gives the gang at least 3 Dabble-ventions to help them solve their case. He has an unrequited crush on Heather.
  • Chief Stromboli ― Voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He is an Italian police chief that tells Gadget Boy, Heather, and G-9 of their missions by reading his exploding fax tie. He suffers more accidents.
  • Spydra ― Voiced by Louise Vallance. She is the main antagonist who has 6 arms and wears a pink spider-themed costume that hides her face with a mask. Her face is so hideous that anyone who sees her unmasked will turn to stone from the shock. Spydra has many evil plans, but they're always foiled by Gadget Boy and his friends.
  • Mulch and Hummus ― Voiced by Maurice LaMarche. They are the secondary antagonists who are a pair of twin thugs that assist Spydra. A running gag has Spydra confusing their names, even though Hummus has a larger bottom lip and both of the twins have distinctly different voices.
  • Boris ― Voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He is the tertiary antagonist who is a talking, sarcastic, gluttonous, Russian-accented vulture and Spydra's pet. Boris is often abused and beaten by Spydra.


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