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Ghost Catchers
Season 2, Episode 10
Air date November 23, 1985
Written by Eleanor Burian-Mohr
Glen Egbert
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"Ghost Catchers" is the 10th episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget.


As the sun sets above Gadget's house, Penny is doing research for her report on the history of computers, but is interrupted when her uncle says that it's time for her bath. The phone rings at the telephone booth. As Gadget answers it, a pitfall opens beneath and he falls to the basement. Brain hears this and goes to check it out. At the basement, Gadget finds Chief Quimby inside the re-boiler and gets another assignment: Ghosts mysteriously appear at the homes of Metro City and M.A.D. plot is suspected, so he has to figure it out.

These ghosts are not really ghosts; they were actually created by the M.A.D. scientist, Dr. Spectrum, calling them "Ghost Globules" - pellets that produce glowing ghostly glitters. Spectrum warns Metro City's townspeople of the ghosts. Brain is very afraid of ghosts, but that doesn't stop Penny from having him to follow Gadget. Seeing two people disguised as ghosts, Gadget thinks that they're real ghosts and follows to a mansion where a costume party is taking place. Spectrum's two goons attempt to eliminate Gadget by offering him some food, but Brain and Gadget's pure luck are there to put a stop to it.

Eventually, a female M.A.D. agent asks Gadget to dance tango with her. While dancing, she throws Gadget out of the balcony, but Gadget Copter comes to the rescue. Spectrum sends his ghosts to the party, scaring everyone. Spectrum is posing as the head of a company called "Ghost Catchers" that offers to get rid of ghosts -- in exchange for the big fortune. Seeing the ghosts, Gadget goes after them. Spectrum's goons arrive disguised as "Ghost Catchers", but Gadget tells them that it's his job to catch the ghosts, leaving the two fighting with each other. While Brain calls Chief Quimby, Gadget destroys one ghost and Penny uses her computer book to take control of the second ghost. Dr. Claw's plans are foiled once again.


  • "Ghost Catchers" is a parody of Ghostbusters.