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"So, this is Transylvania."
"Yes, Penny, Transylvania. Home of the legendary Count Dracula and other ghosts, goblins and spooks.
Penny and Gadget
Haunted Castle
Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date September 20, 1983
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"Haunted Castle" is the 8th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Gadget, Penny, and Brain are in Transylvania, searching for the crime fighters' convention. Arriving in a place where the convention is, Gadget gets another assignment from Chief Quimby: Claw has set up a hideout in Count Dracula's castle and that he's planning to infiltrate the convention and Gadget has to stop him.

Gadget then takes Penny and Brain along to the castle. Claw sets spikes on the road to do the trio in, but this fails. He then demands a M.A.D. Agent dressed as Count Dracula to stop and eliminate Gadget once he is at the castle. While exploring the castle, Brain is totally frightened because he is afraid of ghosts, and Penny is also afraid even though she knows there's no such thing as ghosts, but Gadget is not because he believes that it's all just plain superstition. Claw decides to split the Gadget clan up by throwing a tennis ball so Gadget can take it right to a trap. Brain then follows Gadget, while Penny goes to the basement. Penny discovers the secret passageway in the basement, but she gets captured.

Meanwhile, Brain rescues Gadget in the nick of time and they go to the basement to search for Penny. They get thrown into a dungeon where they then find her. Claw then burns the dungeon into flames to finish the trio, with the help of a mechanical mouse spilling oil and lighting a match, but they manage to escape with Gadget extinguishing the blaze. Dr. Claw then separates Gadget and Penny from Brain and puts them in a pit, where walls with spikes begin to move in on them.

Brain is now being chased by M.A.D. agents disguised as a werewolf and Frankenstein. Firing lasers then begin to attract Chief Quimby and, feeling that Gadget may be in trouble, goes to the castle with the other policemen. Brain then manages to rescue Gadget and Penny, the police arrive and take the agents into custody, and Claw makes his usual escape.

The episode concludes with Gadget talking to Penny about campfire safety, due to the fire they encountered in the dungeon.


  • This is one of the few times where Gadget is useful and dependable. 
  • This is the highest-rated episode of Inspector Gadget overall on IMDB.[1]

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