Inspector Gadget's Best Caper Ever
Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever
is a direct to video movie featuring Inspector Gadget.

It was released 6 September 2005 and produced by DiC Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment. It is the first Inspector Gadget project to be in CGI. Featuring Bernie Mac as the Gadgetmobile.


In the new special, the world’s greatest bionic detective is back and more bumbling than ever. With his niece, Penny, who’s now sixteen and even more devoted to Gadget than before, and Penny’s dog, Brain, who is still smarter than Gadget could ever hope to be, the Inspector protects Metro City from the heinous machinations of the evil Doctor Claw and his incompetent minions on one hand, and the lunacy of its deranged Mayor on the other. Metro City’s Mayor misguidedly buys a thawed, prehistoric Giant Flying Lizard egg to attract tourists. Inspector Gadget must save the pricey egg when Doctor Claw steals it and then save Metro City--and the entire world--when it hatches!


  • According to this movie, Gadget can survive without his body and his eyes can pop out. This also means that Gadget is now fully robotic, if this could be considered canon. 
  • This movie once again uses the talking Gadgetmobile. 
  • This is the last time where Maurice LaMarche voices Gadget.
  •  This was supposed to be the first in a series of animated Inspector Gadget films, but due to poor reception from fans and bad sales, they scrapped production. 
  • This is also called "Inspector Gadget Saves the Day...Maybe". 
  • This episode is the last time where Maurice LaMarche voices Gadget. 
  • This is the last Inspector Gadget production to be made by DiC.