Inspector gadget field trip
Inspector Gadget's Field Trip was a spin-off incarnation of Inspector Gadget, produced by DiC Entertainment in 1996 and aired on the The History Channel, where it was rerun until 2000. 26 episodes mixing animation with live-action were produced. Don Adams returned as the voice of Inspector Gadget. The series was an educational travelogue program for children, in which the animated Gadget would show viewers the many different sites in famous cities around the world via live-action-clips with historical facts. The theme song is slightly similar to the one in the Gadget Boy series. In fact, Gadget Boy sometimes makes a cameo appearance in the show (e.g. St. Augustine, Florida episode).

Gadget was the only character to appear in this series and the others such as Penny, Brain, Dr. Claw, Chief Quimby were totally absent. 

The show aired in reruns in syndication. A Spanish-dubbed version aired on Univision's Planeta U block on Saturday mornings as Los Viajes de Inspector Gadget. During the opening sequence, an image of the Temple of Saturn in the ancient forum in Rome is presented with the label of "Greece."