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Inspector Gadget's Greatest Gadgets is a VHS compilation/direct-to-video featurette of the original series, released by Buena Vista Home Video in 1999 to tie in with the 1999 film (despite the film being released months prior). 

It contains one first-season episode and two second season episodes, with new segments recorded between the episodes.

Maurice LaMarche, Frank Welker, and Cree Summer reprise their roles from the original series in the cutscenes, while Don Adams and Don Francks retired from voicing Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw in 1999 respectively.


Inspector Gadget is asked by Chief Quimby to show new recruits some of his amazing Gadgets through 3 cases. After seeing Brain on the screen and telling him where the paper training class is, Penny appears on there, to where Gadget asks her if she knows any good cases, she suggests when he worked with Capeman, and so Gadget shows off the episode.

After the first episode, Gadget sees Quimby and shows off three important Gadgets - the copter, binocular glasses, and expandable legs. Quimby asks if they are gonna be useful in a moment's notice. Gadget then goes off to show another famous case he solved in Romanovia.

After the episode, Gadget shows off what the viewers have learned over his adventures. Gadget forgets what number 3 could be, to which Quimby gives an answer, alongside Penny. As Gadget begins to use a skipping rope, it reminds him of another time on why his Gadgets where never in better form.

After the last episode, Gadget finishes off showing his greatest Gadgets, and begins to realise he is being watched by Dr. Claw, who has sent him a piece of dynamite with a timer. After it explodes, Gadget uses his copter and thanks the viewers for watching and to see him next time, to which Claw says back "If there will be a next time!".

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