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"Sabotage! You must stop the launch!"
Gadget to the administrator
Launch Time
Season 1, Episode 26
Launch Time - Inspector Gadget - Screen Shot 01.png
Air date October 14, 1983
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"Launch Time" is the 26th episode of Inspector Gadget.


M.A.D. plans to sabotage the space shuttle that is being sent to repair a satellite. Their plan: To modify the satellite to have everyone hear the power of Dr. Claw. Inspector Gadget is sent to investigate, while Brain follows. A M.A.D. astronaut tries to eliminate Gadget on the machinery used for training specimen and then trying to put the inspector in the space shuttle they are going to destroy. Can Penny and Brain save Gadget and stop M.A.D. from messing around with NASA?

The episode ends with Gadget talking about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, a tip he learned at NASA, all the while accidentally burning a grapefruit he was trying to cook.



Inspector Gadget 125 Launch Time (Full Episode)