Looming Las Vegas
Season 1, Episode 2
GATG LoomingLasVegas
Written by Jean Chalopin
Directed by Andy Heyward
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"Looming Las Vegas" is the 2nd episode of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


General Sir is taking his first vacation in 20 years. It is Gadget's mission to protect him from any M.A.D. agents and let him have a good time. However, General Sir is having such a good time that he doesn't know that the magicians using him for their trick are really MAD Agents.

List of Gadgets first appearance

Anti smear gas: A mechanical hand holding a sprayer appears from his left arm. Actually erase pencil writing.

Magnifying glass: A mechanical hand holding a magnifying glass appear from his hat.

Umbrella: A mechanical hand holding a umbrella appear from his hat.

Mattress: A inflatable mattress appears from his hat.

Boxing glove: A boxing glove appears from his hat and spring towards Gadget. Can also appears from both arms and his chest

Mallet: A mechanical hand holding a mallet appears from his hat

Racket: A mechanical hand holding a squash racket appears from his hat.

Anvil: An anvil appears from his hat.

Water gun: A mechanical hand holding a water gun appears from his left hand.

Roller skates: Both of his feet transforms into rocket-powered roller skates.

Scissors: A mechanical hand holding scissors appear from his hat.

Lasso: His right hand turns into a lasso.

Bola: A bola is throw out of his hat.


  • Penny's favorite band, "The Mainstreet Guys" is a take on "The Backstreet Boys".