Luck of the Irish
Season 1, Episode 44
Air date November 9, 1983
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"Luck of the Irish" is the 44th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Flying a kite with Penny and Brain, Gadget stumbles across a four-leaf clover that he hops will serve him well on his latest mission: Head to Ireland and retrieve the stolen Blarney Stone from Claw.

Gadget soon arrives on the Emerald Isle, and Claw's agents (two diminutive little nasties known as the O'Shea Brothers) waste no time in trying to do him in. But running him off the road doesn't work and an attempt at blowing him up backfires. He's finally knocked off of a bridge and presumed drowned, but he soon appears in town dripping wet and quite alive. After Gadget beds down for the night at a local inn, one of the phony leprechauns tries to do him in with the blunt end of a shillelagh, but Brain intercedes to save his master. Other attempts on Gadget's life are equally fruitless, but the naive inspector credits his good fortune to the protective powers of his good luck piece, not his usual dumb luck or the efforts of his loyal dog.

The next day finds Gadget, Penny and Brain at Blarney Castle, where the police detective begins his investigation and immediately suspects the landmark's caretaker. Penny, however, knows better and tracks the missing stone to nearby Celtic ruins.

Meanwhile, Claw grows more and more impatient with the O'Sheas ― too busy collecting ransom for the stolen treasure, they've shirked their assigned duties: Destroy Gadget and cut up the stone small enough to be transported in the M.A.D. jet and resold. An eavesdropping Penny uncovers the plan, but she ends up trapped in a pit without her computer book or means to get out. Using her watch, she summons Brain (with Gadget in hot pursuit). Once at the ruins, Gadget is fooled into thinking a laser cannon is a camera and poses for a deadly picture ― until Brain knocks him down. Penny, mysteriously rescued from the pit, overtakes the laser's controls and traps the M.A.D. agents beneath the huge Blarney Stone just as Chief Quimby arrives. It is revealed that a trio of real leprechauns sharing a laugh out of sight are the ones who knocked Penny's grappling hook down to her. But Penny states that it was "just the luck of the Irish".

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