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M.A.D. Agents
MAD Agents.png
Occupation Agents
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family Unknown
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The M.A.D. Agents are the secondary antagonists of Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw's henchmen.


Because they are the secondary antagonists, the M.A.D. agents appear in pretty much all episodes.


  • The M.A.D. agents either look similar or sound similar in different episodes.
  • In Polish, name is Agenci sił ZŁA and Niewidzialni agenci.
  • The M.A.D. agents actually have names and are distinguished by their physical features:
    • Fred: Large, hulking build, low brow, no visible neck
    • Bruce: Muscular build and large chin
    • Slick: Slicked back hair and goatee
    • Lenny: Tall and lumbering, dopey-looking face and long nose
    • Jarvis: Fat, balding middle-aged man with no neck
    • Dick: Tall, thin, wiry limbs, combed-over hair and pointy nose
    • Squirt: Short and toad-like in terms of appearance
    • Pops: Bald, grumpy-looking old man with big jaw