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AKA ...
Occupation M.A.D. agent

Service staff of Isla Diabolico

Gender Female
Race Unknown
Status Alive
Family Unknown
Location Isla Diabolico
Portrayed By Stacey DePass
"You know, I`m just not sure which tool to use on your uncle."
―MADalena to Penny

MADalena is the M.A.D. agent (2015 series), appeared only in "A better class of MAD".


MADalena is a tall slender woman with blond hair, a thin waist and large hips. She has a lot of makeup and pumped lips, wears ocher-coloured pants, pink undershirt and shoes, light blue vest and short skirt.

She has been shown to occasionally show a nervous tic on her face, which makes her look a little intimidating.


At first glance, it seems that MADalena is polite and sociable. But we can see she is a bit squeamish woman, she will forget about her politeness to point out someone's terrible appearance. MADalena sometimes moves unnaturally fast, tries to get as close as possible to vacationers and touches them to take control over them. Perhaps she has an interest in torturing people.

Skills and weapon

In terms of skills and weapons, MADalena is absolutely helpless. However, she has traps to capture people around the resort.


MADalena meets Penny and Inspector Gadget at Isla Diabolico and then askes Dr.Claw to instruct her, what plan she must follow, but she only receives an order "Destroy Gadget!!!". Talon offers her a deal: MADalena captures Penny and gives her to him, in return Talon gives Inspector Gadget to her. MADalena copes with her task and wonders before Penny, which tool to use on Gadget (Maybe it was a veiled hint of torture). She would succeed, but was accidentally scared by Brain, who made her screaming and jumping onto the deck chair-springboard, which triggered and threw her far, far away. In the end of episode the escapes with Talon.


  • MADalena is the only female character besides Penny who Talon has flirted with.