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Maryland Claw
AKA Mummy ( by Dr. Claw)
Occupation Villainess
Criminal Mastermind
Gender Female
Race White
Status Alive
Family Gordon Сlaw (husband)

Dr. Claw (son)
Dr. Thaw (son)
Billy Thaw (grandson)
Talon (grandson)

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Portrayed By Teryl Rothery (2003 series)

Martin Roach (2015 series)

Maryland Claw is Dr. Claw's mother. Just like her son's and her husband, she is a criminal mastermind. She also raises her two grandsons, William and Talon. Suprisingly, Claw is willing to take orders from his mother. Unlike her son's, she wears a gray glove with a net instead of a claw.

Her face was seen as "Marilyn" in Erasing Gadget, prior to marrying and adopting the Claw surname.

She appears again in the 2015 series episode, A Hole in One. She looks totally different from her appearance in Gadget and the Gadgetinis. In this episode, she aids Claw and Talon in making a sleeping donut recipe, but she only does it so she can get some peace and quiet. Her relationship with Dr. Claw is depicted as not unlike Dr. Claw's relationship with Talon belittling her son when he fails and criticizing his ideas when her's are no better. She also admonishes him for failing to follow through with his threats encouraging him to do so. As a result both Talon and Dr. Claw fear her temper and tend to do as she says.


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