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In the original cartoon, Penny has a computer that is disguised as a book, and usually takes it wherever she goes. It's unknown where she got it but given Penny's remarkable skills, she probably made it herself. She mostly uses it to find out information about villains, wildlife, materials, hieroglyphics, and other things. Penny's computer book also contains a digital map (possibly showing most of the world), a jamming system, a hacking system, a remote control system, a laser, and a slot where she can insert a digital camera. Each page in the book has a different interface. The computer book is also highly resilient and is also waterproof.


Penny's Computer

Codex, Penny's new holographic computer interface

  • In the 2015 CGI series, Penny's computer book and Penny's Watch are replaced by a new high-tech holographic computer interface made of energy called Codex which she can summon out of nowhere. It serves mostly the same purposes as her old computer though can also be used in combat as Penny can activate it to use the energy screens as energy shields (this causes no damage to the computer itself) which is useful as Penny is an HQ agent-in-training who now actively and officially works alongside her uncle.