Inspector Gadget Wiki
Occupation M.A.D. agent
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Family N/A
Location England
Portrayed By Jeri Cradden

Pete is a character in Inspector Gadget. He only appears in the episode “Unhenged”.


Pete is a Scottish M.A.D. agent and was one of the agents intent on kidnapping some solar scientists in order to complete Dr. Claw’s heat ray cannon, which Claw planned to use to melt the Tower of London for ransom.

When Gadget first meets him and asks for directions to Stonehenge while driving through the English countryside, Pete tells Gadget about druids and what they do, then tricks him into stepping into a very deep mud pit, and “borrows” the Gadgetmobile. Luckily for Gadget, Brain is there to save him.

A little later, Gadget, after riding into town on a penny farthing, meets Pete again at a local inn, where one of the solar scientists, Dr. Flashpan, also happens to be. Pete then later tries to finish Gadget off again, this time by placing a stick of lit dynamite in Gadget’s bed with Gadget in it! Once again, Brain intervenes, the dynamite slips out of Pete’s hands and makes his escape out the window. The dynamite goes off but Gadget is not in his bed at that moment, much to Brain’s relief.

Then the following morning at Stonehenge, after the kidnapped solar scientists have put the finishing touches on the heat ray cannon, Pete, disguised as a druid, as are other M.A.D. agents, then tie and gag the scientists.

When Gadget arrives at Stonehenge, druid-disguised Pete and the other M.A.D. agents tie him up on a slab. Pete then takes control of the heat ray cannon, but Penny, who is also there, manages to take over the heat ray cannon’s controls with her computer book, much to Pete’s dismay, as the heat ray cannon then eventually collapses to the ground.

Then at that precise moment, the local constabulary arrive and Pete and the other M.A.D. agents are taken into custody.