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"Rock 'n' Gadget" is the 21st episode of the second season of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


General Sir thinks that M.A.D. might target global rock and roll superstars the Mummies Boys for kidnapping, so Gadget is sent to protect them. Since the Boys are Penny's favorite band, she arranges to tag along with her uncle, unaware that Claw has bigger plans than ransoming rock stars. Backstage at stadium for their soon-to-air global concert, Penny overhears their new sound man talking to Claw about putting a mind control signal into the broadcast, which will be watched by about 2 million people. Unfortunately, he spots and grabs Penny and leaves her tied up in a trunk.

Meanwhile, the Mummies Boys' opening act "Pharaoh's Men" is booed offstage by impatient fans, so they load up their bus and leave taking the trunk Penny's in with them. It turns out that Penny's wristwatch still has the laser from the original series (unused before in Gadgetinis), so she cuts herself free, then has to persuade the band to go back and save the crowd who rejected them.

Meanwhile, the sound man arranges to destroy Gadget with the show's special effects during the concert and, as always, Gadget is oblivious to the danger.