"I've got bad news, Gadget."
"I know, Chief. Professor Von Slickstein's been kidnapped!
―'Chief Quimby and Gadget
The Amazon
Season 1, Episode 5
Amazon Annie
Air date September 15, 1983 (US)
September 21, 1984 (UK)
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"The Amazon" is the 5th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


One day, Gadget tells Penny that she and Brain will have to entertain each other this weekend since Quimby wants him ready for action 24 hours a day. He's soon put to the test when Claw kidnaps  Professor Von Slicksein, the brilliant scientist who gave Gadget all his gadgets.

With the gentle old man tied up and gagged in the back of the M.A.D. Mobile, Claw heads to the airport, with Gadget in hot pursuit. The evil genius evades Gadget and a police roadblock and succeeds in escaping to South America with the professor. Gadget follows on a cargo plane and is dropped into the jungle as is the parachuted Gadgetmobile ― with stowaways Penny and Brain inside. On the ground, Gadget first encounters a huge albino gorilla and then Amazon Annie, a shapely female M.A.D. agent with a "tribe" of 6 agents ready to do him in.

Meanwhile, in an ancient Aztec pyramid, Claw has set up shop and is forcing Von Slickstein to create an army of robots. The result is the androids that resemble Gadget, but move with the feeble, hunched-over mannerisms of their maker Von Slickstein. Incensed, Claw demands the professor reprogram them to do his bidding. Penny quietly gets the professor's ear and has him demand that Gadget be used to instill them with his brainwaves. Dr. Claw reluctantly stops Annie's "ritual sacrifice" of Gadget and has the inspector brought to the makeshift lab. Clamped into the brain-transferring apparatus, all seems lost for Gadget ― until a well-thrown banana encourages the huge white ape to take Gadget's place. The robots suddenly come to life, violently destroying the lab like a mob of crazed gorillas.

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  • Cartoon Logic: Although Penny is only 10 years old in this series, she was able to push an abundant stone. It is implied that she might logically weigh over 200 lbs.
  • It is revealed that Professor Von Slickstein was the one who gave the Inspector his amazing gadgets. However, why Gadget has these gadgets still remains a mystery.
  • Although there are no apes in the Amazon, a gorilla can be seen chasing Gadget throughout the whole adventure.
  • The setting for this episode is the Amazon Basin, which is in South America. However, the ruins that Dr. Claw has his headquarters in is an Aztec pyramid. The Aztec Empire was only in North America (Mexico).


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