"Not a moment to lose, I've got to get to the boat. Claw will stop at nothing to get those jewels."
The Boat
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date September 19, 1983 (US)
October 5, 1984 (UK)
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"The Boat" is the 7th episode of the first season of Inspector Gadget.


Quimby orders Gadget to attend a cruise in order to safeguard the passengers' expensive jewelry.

Despite the efforts of a M.A.D. milkman and his exploding milk bottle, a bothersome seagull who seems to have taken a liking to the police inspector, and two M.A.D. agents who won't let anyone on a ship without an invitation, Gadget manages to get aboard. Little does he know that Claw is also on board and he's replaced the entre crew with his own men. Penny and Brain have snuck on board, too, and while Brain shadows the inspector, Penny does some investigating of her own below deck, but she's soon captured.

Upstairs at a cocktail party, Gadget suspiciously eyes various guests until the lights suddenly go out. Panic breaks out when guests' jewellery is plucked from them in the dark. While Gadget continues interrogating passengers, Claw gets ready to get rid of the kidnapped crew. Hoping to force some sort of showdown, Brain guides Gadget downstairs into a rat's nest of M.A.D. agents, who presumably overpower him. He is soon strung up on the cable of a crane, and is mercilessly and repeatedly dunked in the ocean by Claw, toying with him like a cat plays with a mouse. The police (and the Coast Guard) arrive just in time to capture the M.A.D. agents, save Gadget, the crew, and the jewels. Claw, however, manages to make a last-minute escape.

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The Boat (Full Episode)

The Boat (Full Episode)