The Comet, the Unicorn, and the Bad Gadgetinis
Season 2, Episode 26
Written by Jean Chalopin
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
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"The Comet, The Unicorn And The Bad Gadgetinis" is the final episode of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


The unicorn comet approaches Earth for the first time in 777 years, which was also the last time unicorns were seen. The comet is putting out a magnetic field which affects electronics and Penny is worried that her uncle might go haywire, but as the Gadgetinis say, it is unknown how anyone would tell.

Meanwhile, a M.A.D. astronomer tells Claw that the comet's magnetic field also scrambles the natural invisibility field that unicorns can generate, which is why they're so rarely seen and why the last sightings were during the comet's last visit. Since unicorn milk is reputed to grant superhuman strength, Claw would like to find some to make his M.A.D. agents and himself super-strong.

Back at Gadget's house, the Gadgetinis programming has become corrupted and so have they as they refuse to do anymore work without substantial rewards. Claw contacts them and promises them riches if they dispose of Gadget and catch him a unicorn and they agree. Penny now must figure out how to fix them before they give Claw what he wants.


  • In the scene where Penny sees Gadget about to fall onto Earth, she is smiling.