"The General's Daughter" is the 18th episode of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


Claw wants to get his hands on the sealed "Peace Arsenal" of the world's deadliest weapons and the key to it is in a bracelet that Gadget has to protect while Nozzaire is assigned to escort General Sir's daughter to the big disarmament ball.

To prove to General Sir that he can be his favorite agent than Gadget, Nozzaire switches assignments, with himself protecting the "Peace Arsenal" and Gadget escorting the General's daughter. However, a M.A.D. scientist posing as a hairdresser puts a mind-controlling device on Nozzaire so he can get the key for Claw, but Gadget gave the General's daughter the bracelet with the key.


  • Jeanette seems to be an Expy of Brenda Bradford from the 1999 Disney film, as they are both Gadget's love interests in said projects. This episode also is similar to the party scene in the movie.