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"The Patrix" is the 14th episode of the second season of Gadget and the Gadgetinis.


All over the world valuable items are being stolen by mysterious thieves who elude capture by dissolving into lines of computer code, along with stolen goods, then vanishing without a trace.

When they vanish, they're returning to the Patrix, a virtual world created by a M.A.D. scientist who has discovered how to send things from the Patrix to the real world and vice versa. His computer-generated thieves can pass for humans until they're ready to strike and can look like anyone, making them the perfect infiltrators. The scientist's assistant didn't like his boss selling out to Claw and wants to stop him, so he's looking for "The One", who can detect and defeat the Patrix people. He thinks that Gadget might be "The One", but Gadget thinks that he's being selected as a finalist in a gardening competition.