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What is Gadget? Part 1

I am here to answer the question we all might've asked ourselves: What is Inspector Gadget? I have decided to rewatch the original series and related sisters of the show and I have found some things that are quite confusing to process. Due to this, I have chose to create these blog posts. They should be able to shed some light on the matter.

Part 1: Anatomy


We all know that Gadget is a cyborg of some kind, Penny is proof of that - since she is noticably human in comparision. From the spin-off educational Inspector Gadget show: Field Trip Starring Inspector Gadget, the first episode (Australia - Aussie Animals) involves Gadget informing the viewer of Australian mammals. Once he reaches the koalas, he makes a comment about having a steel stomach when he discusses the koalan diet. His stomach may have been the base for Penny's invention for the Gadgetinis in The Ultimate Weapon.


In Gadget and the Gadgetinis, episode "Operation: Get Gadget," the lieutenant is able to detach his teeth like dentures when in a hot persuit of the MAD scientist of the week.


In the original Inspector Gadget, his arms, legs, and neck appear to be normal on the surface before extending them. This is seen in a multitude of episodes such as, "In Seine, Weather in Tibet, A Bad Altitude (lesson), Volcano Island, and Don't Hold Your Breath." This can imply that the extensions are inside of his normal limbs like a stent you might see in someone's coronary arteries (at least, this could apply to his leg extensions). As for the others it is like a retractable cane or the original 3DS's stylus but on a larger scale.


In the first episode of the second season of Inspector Gadget (Magic Gadget), he is sawed in half from the waist down. He displays no signs of pain and is able to move both halves independently. He causally places his chin on the soles of his shoes. At the end of the episode both halves reunite when the containers burst simulatinously.

That's all for Part 1. Vote in the comments section if I should exclude most accesory organs when calculating his bio to tech percentage. See you soon!