Volcano Island
Season 1, Episode 16
Volcano island by finisterboy-d6dc1h3
Air date September 30, 1983 (US)
July 18, 1985 (UK)
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"Volcano Island" is the 16th episode of Inspector Gadget.


It is a beautiful day in the South Pacific and, while Penny and Brain play volleyball on the beach of a tropical island resort, Gadget is surfing just offshore. A call from the Top-Secret-Gadget-Phone hastens his return to dry land (and away from the jaws of Claw's mechanical shark) where he is assigned by Chief Quimby to stop Dr. Claw from using the two-island tropical resort as a missle base. Claw's top agent this time, is a prophet, of whom is a presumably eccentric old kook with wild eyes, and loudly preaches doom for the islands and their inhabitants.

Gadget soon becomes a believer (and fan) of the prophet after a trip to his shack, where two of his prognostications (in the form of booby traps meant to harm the inspector) immediately come true. Penny quickly sees through the phony soothsayer's act and realizes he's working for Claw, but before she can do anything about it, she is captured and lowered in one of the volcanoes Claw intends to set off with explosives. Shortly after Brain rushes to the small volcano and rescues Penny, Gadget helps the phoney prophet with a supposed sacrificial ceremony by loading the volcano with pineapples (that unbeknownst to him contain explosives). Down in the volcano, Penny and Brain try to defuse as many of the bombs as they can, but eventually decide that there are too many of them, and decide to make a dash for it. They barely make it down the volcano's side to safety before it blows its top. Gadget, at the mouth of the crater when it erupts, takes the brunt of the blast, but quickly recovers and is intent on finding the prophet solely to congratulate him on another accurate prediction. Eventually, the clumsy police inspector runs into the prophet and another M.A.D. agent, and effectively captures both of them while unbeknowingly disarming a huge bomb meant to take out the larger island. Chief Quimby congratulates Gadget shortly afterwards.

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Volcano Island (Full Episode)

Volcano Island (Full Episode)